You Are Always Marketing

So this kind of follows along with being your own billboard.  A true entrepreneur knows that the next opportunity is always just around the next corner. And a good businessman knows this as well.  That said, you never know when, where or how you are going to meet your next big client.  It could be … Read moreYou Are Always Marketing

Let the Big Dog Bark

I was at the beach this weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  My husband had taken the two dogs for a walk along the shoreline and I was totally relaxed…until I heard loud deep-throated barking.  I opened my eyes and looked to my right where this very … Read moreLet the Big Dog Bark

You Are Your Own Billboard

Who is the best salesman of your business?  Who best represents your business? Your brand?  Well it should be, and it is you.  To that end when you are out networking, running errands or even socializing for that matter, do you do your best to represent your business and brand? I was at an after-hours … Read moreYou Are Your Own Billboard