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Real Estate Services

We can handle every aspect of the real estate sales and marketing process, from initial purchase to final sale.

Our personalized, detail-oriented staff provide a single point of contact to respond to your questions and specific needs, ensure you are kept informed on the status of your project and make certain we deliver whatever you need --- whenever you need it.

Real Estate Services
  • Develop a customized marketing strategy for your development and target market
  • Design a well-appointed, customer-oriented sales center
  • Consult on the selection, location and furnishing of models
  • Create project-appropriate marketing material - radio/TV, print, internet, billboards, graphic design and direct mail
  • Develop promotional literature that promotes your development, as well as the community
  • Design and develop a customized website. Provide search engine optimization (SEO) and create an effective e-marketing campaign.
  • Develop an appealing identity program for your project, including specialty items, and logo and signage that can be carried through to future projects
  • Organize and staff presale events
  • Real Estate Services
  • Provide eye-catching still photography as well as promotional video material
  • Have our attorney prepare sales purchase agreements and other sales-related documents
  • Simplify the closing process for both buyer and seller
  • Locate land for acquisition of future projects
  • Aid in finding dedicated financing of your project
  • Provide appraisals by a state-licensed appraiser
  • Aid in entitlement process

At this time we are not licensed to buy or sell Real Estate in North Carolina, but we can market your real estate projects!

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