Lightning In a Bottle

You have an idea, and the idea is so good that it makes your stomach jump inside of you. You know you have hit on something here. What do you do next?

You start to sketch it out. You tell one maybe two people to get their reactions, they love it. You start to make a plan. First you need to do this then you need to do that, and then, and then what??? You charge ahead, you tell more I have an Ideapeople get more reactions, everyone loves it, this thing could be really good. You add a few more items onto your to do list. You start running around like a chicken with its head cut off, not knowing which direction to go in next. It is about at this point and sometimes a little farther along that people generally appear before me asking for help. Often what they have is not the lightning in a bottle that they thought they had, but still something of value. Sometimes they have something that they don’t even realize they have. They think they have a wheel barrow and what they actually have is a tractor. The actual item doesn’t really matter, it’s the excitement of the process that I love. The excitement of the client and the passion they have for their product or service is what gets me excited about working with them and excited about getting others to either work with them or buy from them.

There are those out there who will tell you that these are the exact steps that you take in order to achieve success in your professional life, for your service, or for your product. Well, I would have to say BS to that. There are a million different paths to success, and there are all the right one. Whatever way you get your idea to materialize, no matter how long it takes, it will be worth it and it will be the right way for you. If you want our help with your idea, we would be happy toHave a Quarterback for your Plan advise you, provide you with a marketing plan, implement the plan and guide every step of the way, as we have our other clients.

What I can tell you is you need a plan and a budget and you someone who is overseeing what everyone is doing, a sort of Quarterback, if you will. You need to commit to a course of action and see it through. What I mean by that, is doo not get nervous if you do not see immediate results and change course or message. The keys to any enterprise are consistency and commitment. So make sure that you have the right people on your team anLightning in a bottled that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

But ultimately, it is your idea, it’s your lightening in a bottle.

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