Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Invent Yourself

I have been many things in my life, and I have enjoyed them all, mostly, for a while. For a while I thought I had a boredom problem, or an attitude problem, or some kind or problem, but it turned out I just hadn’t found my place. I think this is true of a lot … Read moreDon’t Be Afraid to Re-Invent Yourself

How Do You Say Good Bye?

I just lost my mentor, my best friend, my confidant, my advisor  in all things, my sounding board, my guiding light, my go-to guy, my Dad. I am absolutely gutted. I don’t know what I am going to do without that daily call. That daily chat, that check-in, and that laugh. I don’t know what … Read moreHow Do You Say Good Bye?

Always Take Notes

I am a bit of a dinosaur. I like paper. And I like pen. I use a paper calendar. People send me invites to meetings, particularly my husband, which I find funny since he above all others knows I do not use an electronic calendar, but he continues to keep a Brad, Gail and Family … Read moreAlways Take Notes

What is Your Worth?

When I ask this question, people usually answer me with their hourly rate. And yes, that is one way to measure your value, but what I am asking is; what is your worth? I know the two are closely related and often are used interchangeably, but there is actually a subtle difference between the two. … Read moreWhat is Your Worth?

Shut It!

There is a more artful way of saying what I mean here…be quiet, for one. Stop talking, shut up, you talk too much for other less artful examples. One of the best ways to express what I want to talk about today came from Rima Ports, an attorney friend of mine. She would use this … Read moreShut It!

Connect, Connect, Connect

When I first started my business it was a very niche business. I was a one-stop solution for mid-sized builders who did not have their own in-house marketing and sales department. The thought was that these guys were getting hammered: they were paying the realtors, the marketing company, the PR firms, the web design company, … Read moreConnect, Connect, Connect

Too Many Balls In The Air!

Today’s post is going to be a quickie…. What happens when you have multiple balls in the air and you are NOT a professional juggler? Correct, you begin to drop the balls. So, while I have not yet dropped a ball, this post is going to suffer by being a tad bit shorter than my … Read moreToo Many Balls In The Air!

Make Your Marketing Fast

You know what I love? I love good marketing that can be conveyed in a glance or in a few words. Marketing that doesn’t take a lot of explaining and doesn’t take a lot of reading. I’ll give you some examples of some really good fast marketing: Now all three of these ads said very … Read moreMake Your Marketing Fast