How Many Pages Are Too Many Pages For a Website?

I rarely get asked this question. What I usually get asked is how many pages is too few for a website?   The adding Pages to your websiteanswer to both questions is equally easy to answer. In terms of how many pages is too few, the answer is how ever many you currently have. In terms of how many are too many the answer is, there are never too many pages for a website. Now wasn’t that simple. Next question….


What? You need more of an answer? Okay, let me explain it this way: think about all of the millions and millions of websites out on the internet. Are you thinking about them? Remember to include the social media sites where every user has their own page and feed, and all the brick and mortar stores that also have websites and the internet stores that only have websites, and all the blogs, and all the Social Media Footprintschools (nursey, grade, middle, high school, colleges, universities- worldwide), and all the manufacturers’, and industries, and oil companies, and gas companies, banks, and investment companies and technology companies’ and medical offices where every patient has a portal and access to their files, and all the hospitals also with patient portals and laboratories’, and let’s not forget state, federal, foreign governments, they all have websites, and each division within each government has a website….I think you are starting to get my point here. When you actually start thinking globally about the amount of websites and then the amount of pages that each of the websites have it can be mind boggling. And I have only scratched the surface of what’s actually out there.

So now you have a general idea of the vast amount of information that is out on the internet. Now, close your eyes, I am serious about this, close your eyes and picture the internet however you see it operating in your mind’s eye, whether it is a super highway, or a massive warehouse of information, or a cyber field of floating information that is grabbed as needed, whatever your vision is, I want you to envision it. Now envision your website in there somewhere and some perspective client that doesn’t even know you exist is looking for someone just like you. How are they going to find you with a 3 page site? Or even with a 5 page site? You are invisible and cannot compete.

The more pages and content that you can have out there on the internet the better, That is why as a marketing person I am always pushing my clients to blog. It provides fresh content to feed those Spiders and Bots that we talked about before, and it adds pages to your site SEO Spider and Botswithout having to pay your developer to code and format them and me to write the content ( unless of course you are paying me to blog for you). The only way that a micro site can compete is through paid ads or pay per click. Believe me, it is much cheaper in the long run to add the pages in and optimize your site organically than to fall into the pay per click trap because it is only a temporary solution, whereas the organic SEO is a longer term solution, however it does require some commitment on the website owner’s part unless they just turn it all over to a company like The Robbins Group to take care of it for them.

So back to the original question, if you expect to compete organically in search returns on the internet then you can never have too many pages on your website.

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