How Often Do I Have To Post On My Blog?

This is another question I get asked quite often. It usually comes right on the heels of “Oh alright, I‘ll do a blog!” Honestly, I think you are all making this much harder on yourselves than it needs it be. I have one client who has a very specific arena he deals in, let’s say its love for the sake of this example. I said “All you have to do it put up three index cards above your computer, one that says ‘found love’, one that says ‘enduring love’ and one that says ‘lost love’. And then write a blog that has to deal with one of those three subjects once a week. In a year you will have enough material for a book.” Three months later…nothing. Strong start then nothing. It made me very sad.

That was just sitting down and writing 4 times a month about a subject this person knew inside and out. I think ultimately there is an inherent fear in people of writing something akin to public speaking that people face when they know thFear of Writingat others are going to be reading their words, seeing their grammar, punctuation, spelling, seeing how they think…. Writing exposes more of you than simply talking does and I think that is why people get so nervous about writing blogs and want to reduce the amount they have to write to the bare minimum, unless they are writing about something like changing HVAC’s filters.

However, you should know there is also something freeing about writing a blog that is more personal in nature as well. You are giving a little piece of yourself to the internet-universe and saying “This is me” and when you get the feedback it is wonderful! But for those of you that do not want to expose yourselves at all that is perfectly okay as well. You can write all about your business with passion and enthusiasm and still retain your privacy. But may I ask, why wouldn’t you want a little bit of your personality to sneak into your blogs? A little bit of you might just be the ingredient that keeps the reader coming back for more.

The point I am trying to make is regardless of your business you can most likely break it down into a certain amount topicsof categories 3, 4, 5 whatever and then from there you can build a list of topics for each category that will make great blogs for your readers and if you are so inclined, at some point the blogs could be consolidated into an e-book, or possibly be the foundation for a physical book. But none of that will happen if you do not first make your categories and make your lists for each category and write your blogs!

Let’s face it, Just about anything we write about has pretty much already been written about before unless you are a fiction writer or a scientists, etc. So our job as blog writers is to write it in a way that is interesting, informative and engaging. And in order to do that, in my humble opinion, you have to let a little of your personality sneak into your posts, otherwise you are just blathering on like every other guy or gal out there.

Speaking of blathering on….I believe the original question was how often one should be posting on their blog. Well I suppose it depends on what you have to say. I mean do you have a lot to say or a little? If you have a little, say 3-7 lines then I would suggest 3-5 times a week. If you are posting a couple of paragraphs once a week will do. If you are very verbose like someone who shall remain nameless but is currently typing, then you can get away with twice a month.

But the main thing as I have said before is you want to be driving visitors to your site and you want to be helping with Fresh Contentyour organic SEO search rankings. So you want to be adding as much fresh content to your website as often as you can. Remember we want to keep those spiders and bots full of fresh information about our site so that they are constantly resorting and reprioritizing and ranking us. So if you keep that in mind, the real answer is as often as possible and as much as possible.

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