Connect, Connect, Connect

When I first started my business it was a very niche business. I was a one-stop solution for mid-sized builders who did not have their own in-house marketing and sales department. The thought was that these guys were getting hammered: they were paying the realtors, the marketing company, the PR firms, the web design company, … Read more

I Can Do What I Want

I can do what I want…I can say what I want.  Sounds like a bratty teenager, doesn’t it? But more and more I hear it from adults speaking to each other in business meetings at Starbucks, over the phone in an office, in an office meeting, in a sales pitch, etc.  I hear it on … Read more

Let the Big Dog Bark

I was at the beach this weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  My husband had taken the two dogs for a walk along the shoreline and I was totally relaxed…until I heard loud deep-throated barking.  I opened my eyes and looked to my right where this very … Read more