What is Your Worth?

When I ask this question, people usually answer me with their hourly rate. And yes, that is one way to measure your value, but what I am asking is; what is your worth? I know the two are closely related and often are used interchangeably, but there is actually a subtle difference between the two. … Read more

Too Many Balls In The Air!

Today’s post is going to be a quickie…. What happens when you have multiple balls in the air and you are NOT a professional juggler? Correct, you begin to drop the balls. So, while I have not yet dropped a ball, this post is going to suffer by being a tad bit shorter than my … Read more

If You Say Your Going To Do, Then Do It!!

This may just be my pet peeve, and I readily admit it at the outset.  I think it stems from my years running a charity.  I do know that ever since those days I am more particularly aware of it, It being my irrational over the top reaction when someone says they are going to … Read more

I Can Do What I Want

I can do what I want…I can say what I want.  Sounds like a bratty teenager, doesn’t it? But more and more I hear it from adults speaking to each other in business meetings at Starbucks, over the phone in an office, in an office meeting, in a sales pitch, etc.  I hear it on … Read more

Your Social Footprint

I told a new client he needed to post a photo on his LinkedIn account.  He promptly followed my suggestion and sent me an email to check it out. I quickly checked it out…it was a shirtless photo on a boat.  I called him and explained that LinkedIn was a professional business site, not his personal FaceBook page or a dating site.  He laughed said I was funny and quickly changed the photo to one with a shirt and tie.  The point is, with the advent of social media the lines between our professional life and our personal life get blurrier every day, so we need to think about what we are posted and were we are posting it.

When I interview anyone for any position in my company, the first thing I do is check out what they have posted on FaceBook, Instagram, Tweeter and LinkedIn.  When I am meeting a perspective client I do the same. When I meet with just about anyone I check their social media footprint because I want to know who I am dealing with; a goofball who makes bad choices on the weekends and posts it, or a professional who understands the importance of their personal brand in the marketplace.

I can tSocial Media Footprintell you that I have passed on potential employees that looked awesome on paper, potential clients, potential referral partners who appeared to make sense all because of what they chose to post on social media.  I quite simply did not want to be associated with individuals who didn’t have better sense than to post themselves blotto on the weekends, posting pictures of themselves with strippers, wearing next to nothing, etc. If you want to do those things fine, but do NOT post pictures for all the business world to see.

The rule used to be “do not confuse your personal accounts with your professional accounts, as it can cost you dearly.” The new rule is there is no such thing as a personal account.  Everyone checks all accounts and you must assume that anything you post will be seen by your co-workers, your boss, futures bosses, business partners, etc.  So be smart. Post funny, post heart warming, post witty, post thought provoking,  post family, post friends, etc. But please, don’t post stupid.



Let the Big Dog Bark

I was at the beach this weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  My husband had taken the two dogs for a walk along the shoreline and I was totally relaxed…until I heard loud deep-throated barking.  I opened my eyes and looked to my right where this very … Read more

You Are Your Own Billboard

Who is the best salesman of your business?  Who best represents your business? Your brand?  Well it should be, and it is you.  To that end when you are out networking, running errands or even socializing for that matter, do you do your best to represent your business and brand? I was at an after-hours … Read more